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  • learn How step 1

    STEP 1

    Choose Your Character

    Select the character you want to star in your personalized video by clicking on it

  • learn How step 2

    STEP 2

    Add Your Event Details

    Enter the name of the event

    Tell us who the party is for

    Add the where and when details

    Write a message to your guests about the event

  • learn How step 3

    STEP 3

    Upload a Photo

    Select and easily upload your photo

    You can crop your picture after it has been uploaded

    TIP: Files must be : jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, tga

    max size 10MB, 6144 x 6144
    min size 25KB, 200 x 200

  • learn How step 4

    STEP 4

    Invite Your Friends

    Schedule the delivery date of your video invite

    Add all of the people you will be inviting to the party

    TIP: Don't worry, you can add more guests later if you forgot anyone

  • learn How step 5

    STEP 5

    Pay and Checkout

    Review and confirm all of your details

    Pay and Checkout

    Visit your Toys"R"Us PercyVites party dashboard to manage RSVPs and more


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